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Two Ding Granules

作者:admin   時間:2018-11-21

  [drug name] generic name: two particle Chinese Pinyin: Erding Keli

  [ingredients] Viola, Lindera, dandelion, Radix Isatidis. Excipients are dextrin and stevioside.

  [character] this product is brown granules, tastes sweet and slightly bitter.

  [functional indications] clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is used for hot furuncle pain, throat swelling and pain, heat and fire.

  [usage and dosage] washed with boiling water. 1 bags a time, 3 times a day.

  [storage] sealed and preserved.

  [specifications] 4g/ bag *9 bag / box.

  [packaging] composite film for drug packaging.

  [validity period] 24 months

  [approval number] Chinese medicine quasi character Z19993153

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